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3D printing is among the most important advancements in manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution

Once used strictly for prototyping, 3D printing now offers transformative advantages at every phase of product
creation, from initial concept design to production of final products and every step in between. The rapidly
growing selection of materials, new approaches to automation and increases in speed are allowing for growth
in applications for 3D printing across industries, ranging from aerospace and automotive to durable goods,
healthcare, dental and jewelry

Our job is to provide wholesome packaged solutions for companies, transforming their workflow to reduce costs, save time and to enable your products to reach the market in the shortest time possible

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We are the pioeneers of additive manufacturing in Africa and produce the most reliable solution you are looking for.

3D Printers

Our range of 3D Printers can be used for prototyping or producing end use custom parts in engineering grade plastics as well as metal

3D Scanners

Used for industrial design, reverse engineering and inspection and quality control of parts


Our software solutions provide you the tools to design excellent products and reverse engineer with minimum effort

The only place where you’ll get an all-in-one solution for your problem

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Leading schools and universities use 3D printing to enhance their research and STEM education, giving their students a competitive edge in today’s industry 4.0

From creating scale models to 3D printing concrete facades, the technology has transformed how architects, designers and builders work.

Localize production using our 3D Scanning and reverse engineering services. 3D Print interior automotive components with ease

Prototyping, product design, reverse engineering, and making custom jigs and fixtures has never been easier

From digitizing dental workflows to rapidly manufacturing high quality prosthetics, 3D scanning and 3D printing are revolutionizing the medical industry

Our DLP resin printing technologies bundled with powerful design software will transform your casting workflow

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