Case Studies

On Dubai’s Jumeirah beach stands a unique Dior installation composed of two circular modules.These innovative spaces were crafted from natural materials–combining clay, sand and rawfibers–using an exceptional 3D printing system designed by WASP*

D&D Classic Automotive Restoration — was restoring a 1930s classic car when they found that one of the original carburetor caps was broken. They conducted a worldwide search for a replacement part but were unable to locate one. They resorted to 3D printing it using 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.

Sylatech is an investment casting firm that uses 3D printers to speed up their prototyping process. Sylatech offers services in CNC machining, radio frequency and microwave manufacturing. Through Sylatech’s application of 3D Printing, customers benefit directly from cost savings and receive the final metal part their business needs faster than ever.

Since 1970, PMC Harvesters specializes in constructing cutting-edge machines for agriculture. While looking for improvements to their production cycle, the engineers wanted to reduce the costs of machining of certain parts of the vehicle. For the first time, PMC Harvesters used 3D printer during the construction of Oxbo 5170 detassler. Click to learn more

Caldwell Manufacturing is a global window and door hardware manufacturer based in upstate New York. For any piece of window or door hardware they make, the team at Caldwell also needs to make holding fixtures, assembly fixtures, and error-proofing fixtures — which were all designed in-house and cut from steel through a third-party supplier. Learn how they use 3D Printing to cut costs and save time.

Guhring UK manufactures precision cutting tools for some of the world’s largest companies. Depending on the size and complexity of the component, special tooling can take up to eight weeks to design, test, and manufacture in-house. Smaller manufacturers with less volume can’t justify the costs or lead time for special tools. Learn more about how they used 3D printing to save up to reduce their tooling cost by 75% as well as the time taken to produce these tools by upto 66%

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